What happened to your homes in YembiYembi?

When the gospel was presented in Yembiyembi there was a small group (50 or so) that believed, and the opposition against them was great. Over time more and more people came to understand the “talk about Jisas” and the church grew, however there continues to remain a vocal minority that is set against the church there in Yembiyembi. When we were ready to move towards itinerant ministry (going and coming more and not living in Yembiyembi full-time) the church elders requested that we tear down the houses and live with them as we go and come so that the houses could not be used to draw the church into conflict with group in opposition. It has proven to be a great decision as we get more time with the church elders, living with them in their houses maximizing the time while we are in there.

What are you doing now that the New Testament translation is complete?

Nina and I are living in our coastal headquarters town called Wewak. We still try to get into Yembiyembi every other month to check on the church and help them in any way we can. In addition we help out with CP consulting (Church Planting), and CLA consulting (Culture and Language Acquisition) for some of our newer teams in the bush, and we help out on the leadership team for the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea.

Are you going to translate the Old Testament?

Not at this time. We are going to do a diglot (Pidgin and Bises side by side in the same book) of our already existing N.T. translation, and a revision of the translation at some date later on.